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Healthy Tips for the Summer

Summer is Here and so are the Rays!

Smart Woman with her Shnozzee!

Smart Woman with her Shnozzee!

Here are some great tips for the summer.

– Wear sunscreen 30+ spf or higher

– Apply every 20- 30 min.

– Apply right after swimming, even if it says waterproof!

– Wear sun wear ( including Shnozzee)

– Stay in the shade, still wearing sunscreen.

– wear a sunproof hat

– get a sunproof baby tent for the beach

– Don’t forget your ears and back of neck. whoops! then ouch!

– Use Aloe Vera on burns, slather it on. Or better yet don’t get burnt.

– Don’t forget sun reflecting off of water is brutally strong. Thats to all you fisher people ( politically correct) out there. Wear your Shnozzee and sunscreen.

– Stay away from tanning beds, becoming #1 skin cancer causing if used regularly before you were 40. Anyways you don’t want to look like someone’s leather handbag do you!

I will keep updating and if you have any more suggestions join our mailing list and send them in. You could win a Shnozzee!!!!



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2 Responses to “Healthy Tips for the Summer”

  1. Marina August 10, 2018 at 7:52 am Permalink

    Can nose protector be adjusted depending on sun glasses and nose size and form?
    Should it be attached to one glasses only or could be taken off to be used on another pair?

    • Sol Sister August 10, 2018 at 8:30 am Permalink

      Yes, the Shnozzee comes in two sizes the measurements are on the website order page, fits all noses. It works fantastic on plastic or resin frames, wire frames are less preferred. You can change it between glasses as it comes with a sturdy snap. We believe all noses will benefit from our super comfortable Shnozzee. Enjoy the sun, play safe.

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