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    When stepping out into the great outdoors, sun protective clothing is a great idea for an extra layer of protection from the sun. But what about areas that are not typically covered by clothes? Like the oh-so sun susceptible nose? Shnozzee to the rescue!
    The Shnozzee is a stylish, comfortable nose protector made out of neoprene and nylon with 5 different colours and patterns to choose from. Offer your nose protection from those harmful UVA rays. No more constant reapplication of sunscreen. Just snap the Shnozzee onto your sunglasses and away you go. You can enjoy any outdoor activity without fear of the sun's harmful rays beating down on your nose. To wash, simply toss it in your washing machine. Take care of your nose with the Shnozzee. Enjoy the sun while playing it safe!
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    Sol Sister Shnozzee Product Features - Water-Proof, Lightweight, Stylish, Made from Neoprene
  2. The Story Behind Sol Sister

    Click to read Vicki's full nose skin cancer story »
    SHNOZZEE the nose protector all started with a small sore the size of a pen dot on my nose, which I thought for ages was just a weird pimple. Next »
    When it came time for the trip to Hawaii I had booked months before, I was under strict orders from the doctor that no sun hit my nose. Easier said than done! Next »
    Eventually, all I was able to find after scouring stores was a vinyl nose cover that turned out to be far from comfortable – hard as heck and so, so hot! Next »
    As soon as I got back from my trip, I started searching out comfortable, sun protection fabrics and finally settled on Neoprene. It blocks the sun 100% and comes in many different colours and patterns so that I could have a little fun with style. And perhaps most importantly, it was soft and comfy. Plus machine washable to boot. « Back
    Shnozzee - The Story Behind Sol Sister
    Sol Sister Story Timeline
    After a year with no change, I went to see a skin specialist. Sure enough, it turned out to be nose skin cancer. Next »
    I wanted something that I could just clip onto my sunglasses and I hunted and hunted for a suitable nose protector. Next »
    I knew that there had to be tons of other people out there in the same boat as me. Perhaps with nose skin cancer or just really sensitive skin, that also needed a comfortable and not totally hideous nose protector. The idea for SHNOZZEE was born. Next »
  3. Important Tips for Skincare

    When it comes to preventing skin cancer and other skin maladies, a proactive approach is key! Especially when it comes to sun exposure – only protecting yourself when you've got a burn or in certain situations is too little too late unfortunately. Read on for some sun smart tips to keep your nose and your skin protected and healthy.

    For more information about sun safety check out these sun protection and skin cancer resources »
  4. Top 5 Causes of Skin Cancer

    Overexposure resulting in sunburn

    Most people receive 25 per cent of their lifetime exposure to the sun by age 18

    How much time have you spent in the sun?

    Living in a year-round sunny environment increases your chances of skin damage

    Skin and hair pigment

    Fair-skinned people with red or blond hair and those with an abundance of moles or freckles are more susceptible to skin cancer

    It's all in the family

    Does your family have a history of skin cancer? You could be at greater risk

    Tan much?

    Tanning increases your sun exposure. And artificial sources of ultra violet radiation (such as sunlamps and tanning booths) are a no-no!

My husband and I have retired from our previous careers ( Yay! ) and are fulfilling our promise to travel. Our adventure will be in South East Asia from Jan. 20th – Apr. 20th.

Unfortunately, we will be unable to package and ship any of our product at this time. Please, accept our sincerest apologies for this inconvenience. If you place an order during this time it will not be shipped until we get back.

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Vicki Strom

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